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When you prepare any project proposal what you don’t miss out for sure, or don’t mind putting enough effort or you are not clear about the detailing, the break ups, the likely escalation, the timelines and the nature of format are the financials of the project. No car will run if it runs out of fuel. In a similar manner if the engine is outdated, has major issues, the best of the engine oil and fuel will not be able to extract even the barest mileage, sufficient enough to move it at today’s speed / pace requirements. This is the technology criticality of the day, when no project will be successful or can give optimum delivery and operations, if this not take care of technology aa an integral part of the project design.

It should be reiterated that technology is not an add on, it has a concurrent life cycle to the lifecycle of the project and more often than not, it is enmeshed in life of the project itself. Just because nobody has been able to us fathom the usage of right combination of technologies for a particular project does not in way lessen the utility of exiting and nascent technologies. The earlier the results of using technology in whichever manner was not very blatant / productivity enhancing as there was not much of choice but today the selection can itself make a world of difference.

Technology is non technology is the flavour of day, imagine the world’s biggest retailer without technology either Amazon or Wallmart; cutting the supply chain for major price slashes and the unimaginable reach in case of Amazon. If is true of every industry in the all pervasive technology age. With the technology roadmap unclear and wavering there is no way the costing and buffer needed to pull off a robust digital system with the seamless physical connect, to make the cash registers ring, is not going to happen.

The domain now has to necessarily align with technology to give the final output what we can call a successful business. The technology, costing, gestation period, bottlenecks unknown, the ride can be harrowing, as is the case with most of the start up world. Only technology can create successful and competitive products from construction to pharmacy. The world will be theirs, who understand the technology component of their business with clarity.


Sanjay Sahay

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