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Silent cheating is the silent killer, unknown, unheard and unseen, yet eating up the vitals of the individual, enterprise, society and the nation. This is not the cheating the world is well versed in; to make some money, get some some benefit or escape the wrath for wrong doing or for a one of its kind windfall. What is talked about is beyond the spectrum, cheating in effort. Take a look around, give a serious thought and you will find that most of the people have become proficient in this art and practice it without even battling an eyelid.

The touchstone of testing the usage of the silent cheating art is testing the quality of the output. You find substandard goods and services all around the place. The other test is the number of people who have been used to perform the task. The workforce has layers and layers, which could have been long forgotten. And then is whole bunch of redundant jobs, persons occupying those positions keep moving all around the place, redundant wherever they are. Business enterprise’s bill collectors, corporate communications, breed of marketing guys et al, who look worthwhile till the sun shines. No effort camouflaged.

This practice gains its notoriety by the practitioners deciding not to pick up any new skill, expertise, competencies which are desperately required by the receivers of the service, enterprises and the society but the gentleman has decided to remain in his comfort level. Till today, ten finger typing is not the norm, when the world is wedded to the keyboard more than the spouse. Simple, yet and effective analogy. Increase in salary is inversely proportional to scaling of skills or learning new ones. Cheating in effort makes ones unfit for large parts of the new age jobs.

Parenting is another area where silent cheating is very very conspicuous, finding an easy way out, for making an effort to groom the child into a great human being & imparting right education by the wrong way of keeping him happy. Keeping happy means giving in to all his demands, not preparing him for real life, studies and hard work being taught to be the tools of stress and tension. Cheating effort thus moves down the generation.


Sanjay Sahay

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