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 Though in vogue for a long time seamless integration is most areas is conspicuous by its absence.  Even if it happens it is purely technical. The seamless integration of  domain, technology & vision in a tangible technological blueprint  and its execution still remains one of its kind challenges both for technologists & domain practitioners.

Most of integrations at single locations  remains by way  physical aggregation  at one location, or at best an add on dashboard giving some important data. The integration of  different strands  of data HR, financial, penal, breakdowns has not been put into  any great business logic to date.  There are banks after banks where the databases don’t talk to each other, in most of the cases defying business logic.

In the Command & Control Center sector,  silo level perfect integration itself is a challenge.  The network of the police response vehicles, use of gps, imagery, locational & other data and inputs in a perfect manner is still to be formalised in a  standard technical document,  which can be used even for a new creation in a jiffy.  These are what standards are all about.

If we add the other essentials for an  integrated command & control support, that would be extremely demanding  both on the technologists & domain practitioners. Besides fire tenders & ambulances being added on to it, the complexity can be imagined if were to be an  intelligent management mechanism  with city based  video surveillance, disaster, TETRA, social media, citizen centric services  and data center inputs emanating out of the  Police ERP.


 Seamless integration  can become a domain in itself, way beyond the current breed of  system integrators for them system means only the machine  & not the domain. There are  too many gaps to be plugged,  of which first is to gain expertise, besides the wares.  System integrators have outsourced magicians, needing a Sutradhar taskmaster.


    Sanjay Sahay

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