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Creations from a document to a product cannot happen only on gathering requirements and putting it in a  matrix of effort & cost calculation.  Wish the world was that simple. It could have become the permanent formula for entrepreneurs &  pain and suffering of business creation  would have been solved for over.  Field studies as tool of research  has been given up by consultants & other vendors for good.  Might be it never started in India.  Only documents are transferred from one email id to another to complete the workflow,  guaranteeing quality, timelines and fixed cost. None of these finally translates into reality.

For what we intend to create, the natural feeling is to visit similar projects, locations, field areas.  It opens us to real life situations of the issue, the problems, the competencies, requirements et al.  The human resources who have gone through the journey are the value add, giving you a fair idea of the journey to be undertaken. The above two elements with the  technical specifications of gadgets & systems  to be integrated helps provide  courage and conviction  to deliver.

 Few of these field studies are a must to start with any project.  Even path breaking pioneering projects have lots of  critical elements already  in place. A knowledge of those helps plan the project ahead. One gets a clear idea of what is to  tweaked, the additions, the alterations & helps customizing  it into a near perfect project. A solid foundation.

 For the consultants & vendors, it’s a business.  The first requirement is a competitive bid.  Competitive bid means lowest bid,  it has nothing to do with the quality of the project & its deliverables.  No expenditure should happen on real preparation.  Documents get created on documents.  Internet is there to help everybody.  Rest is a unique battle to prove one is right all throughout the project and beyond.  Those who perspire in peace don’t bleed in war.


Sanjay Sahay

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