INSTANTANEOUS WRITING – 1st Anniversary of the Daily Post

DailyPost 366


 Instantaneous writing as a genre found its birth with the social media revolution.  Though most of it has turned out to be free for all writing, yet few right thinking individuals, have created a  niche area of writing  for themselves. They make their impact through blogs & other social media posts, something unheard of & also  unimaginable till this social media blitzkrieg happened.  Anybody could become a writer, a publisher, printer & a reader all at the same time, making multifarious impact in a jiffy. It’s a  magical tool, creativity & imagination  being the only limiting factors.

This genre of writing is conspicuous by its freshness or being being stale depending on the commitment of the writer on the issues he writes on,  innovative content, flair for writing and his capability for an instant connect.  This does not go through the outmoded rigmarole of content creation, validation of different types, endless editing, formatting & packaging.  The real fun is the instant feedback, which if taken in the right spirit, can transform ones  writing through the iterative process.

It throws writer into  the whirlpool of challenges of hitting the public domain, instantaneously, over & over again.  The confidence building is immense.  The humility of accepting even wild & gross criticism becomes a critical component of ones DNA.  There is nothing which is under the writers control but for his real worth.  That’s the reason, we don’t have many reputed names emerging in this area.

 Printing technology  transformed the world, making  ideas reach the real customers   by way of mass reach. It still had a  gestation period.  With the onset of social media the gestation period  vanished.  The world became a stage with instantaneous global connect. Hence, the changed world with the instant digital media enablement will become the  happy hunting ground of instantaneous writing.  A bold new world of writing.


 Sanjay Sahay

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