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With the products of all branches of engineering, finally aggregating into the IT industry, it gives a feeling that rest of branches have no role to play. That is not the case.  Brick & mortar i.e. creation and operations  will continue to remain at the core of engineering.  Reliance Refinery & Petrochemicals at Jamnagar is an engineering marvel from all points of view,  spread over over 20,000 acres, endless length of pipelines, refining capabilities, becoming an importer to exporter, it is  a success story one can boast of.

The project execution time of  just three years, the unimaginable scale, the complexity; the operations till 20 nautical miles  into the sea, the integration; use of IT / OT most sophisticated control systems &  innovation as an perpetual undercurrent  can be the delight of any engineering / management student & practitioner. Assembly line innovation of Toyata decades ago won international acclaim & continues to occupy the pride of the palace in management courses &  its lexicon as the Toyota Way.

Twenty years since its commissioning and having proven its sustained growth & projecting its growth trajectory,  the Toyota Way is still to happen to this great technical establishment.  Indian business schools have got accustomed parceling imported business case studies or are unaware of the  value propositions this study would bring,  is difficult to say. It ought to happen, not one but in dozens.

I think all IITs, all students can be  interned here for a getting a hands on view of which engineering can do, the way it’s done and what it can deliver.  The scale of the plant can train  hundreds of interns, who can become valuable assets of the nation. The  package mindset to engineering students,  which India is yearning for change, from its engineers, can happen in these temples of modern India.

 Few such engineering / industry / business marvels can become the prima donnas of India’s growth story.


 Sanjay Sahay

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