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Even in today’s fast paced technological world, if you talk to a professional, one gets a feeling of a  static competence.  The vertical & horizontal scalability of competence seems to be a must to meet the requirements of the day.  Vertical scalability  pertains to the improved knowledge & skilling and  horizontal scalability  connotes to scaling competence to handling / execution at much bigger scale. Deciding the parameters of competence and limiting oneself to it, creates  bonsai professionals  inconsistent in the age of disruptive innovation.

First inbuilt limited competence starts with the  course  you take at the  professional institution  of your choice. Second, happens with the  nature of the first job,  mostly getting connected to the professional diploma, degree or certification. With few years in the job, you brand your competence and then get satisfied with the  limited professional growth in assures  & sometimes it ensures as well.

 The nature of jobs have changed & also the opportunities.  The knowledge & skills, which we call competence, facilitates in doing the present job better. The grab the opportunities thrown at you can be exploited in a similar fashion. At its heart, is not your self defined competence but your  better understanding of the interdisciplinary & multidisciplinary environment  in which one is forced to function. It’s a  battle of the mind, knowledge & skilling seamlessly happen  after that.

For the entrepreneur as an individual & start up as a company are stuck up in an  ongoing battle of dynamic competence.  The victor is this pitched battle is the winner of the business battle. Herein, is the birth of  successful entrepreneur / start up enabled  to take on the world of disruptive innovation.

The  competence mindset  of yesteryears has become an  insurmountable bottleneck  for the professional of today.


 Sanjay Sahay

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