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Belief is a thought you keep thinking, a conviction is that belief chiselled in stone.  Conviction is both a value & an effort. The effort decides the real value of conviction.  If unattended, conviction is of no value and final analysis cannot be termed as conviction either. The capability to win over the world to your thought through execution is the real beauty of conviction.

The creation of the democratic system as a matter of conscious design is out of our  conviction,  that a  democratic & secular system  can only subserve nations interests. The conviction in  meritocracy  based on an objective  talent based education system  is at core of building human resources for the economically strong India.  As we see the conviction faltering the manifestations are visible in the results.  Over a period of time it goes beyond redemption. The present world has lot of such examples.

From the macro to the micro the story is no different.  Conviction is neither talked about or inculcated either in the families or the school & the college system.  The courage of conviction is not even an adage now. The linear progression of family, education & job with  no value & conviction at its core & undercurrent has left it rudderless.

Package cannot be the only determinant of success, achievement & fulfilment.  Conviction has helped deliver radically different results from the same environment  or the lack of it, can stagnate or decimate the system.

Choosing your convictions well is the biggest challenge; individual, society or nation.  Actions or in-actions, both are conviction driven.  Convictions can help you accomplish the ‘impossible’, regardless of what others think. Conviction finally means that  what YOU think matters most  in making change happen.


    Sanjay Sahay

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