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What we treat as the limitations of competencies, knowledge and ecosystem, more often than not turns out of be self created challenges, which is the creation of a mindset of not taking challenges and not indulging in hard endless work, if it so required. It also means the lack of courage, grit and determination to make dreams, targets and goals realised. Self created challenges are the curse of any human being, enterprise, community, society and the nation and despite having tonnes of evidence to the contrary, we are all wedded to his misconception of ours. Why not? It provides an easy explanation to what all one does not want to do.

When barriers of knowledge, skills and competencies are breaking by the day, there is nobody born in any profession with all these. And added to that, it has to be upscaled on the scale required and that is decided by the ecosystem and not you. We have lived with the mindset of hard coded knowledge, which has kept professionals sound over the generations. This was comfort level of yesteryears, which seems to have been unfixed for good.

Self created challenges has turned out to the biggest stumbling block to change and we live in an age where it is becoming more and more difficult to even fathom out the pace and transformative capacity of change. This is the biggest contradictions of our times and individuals and societies who have found a solution to this problem statement turn out to be extremely successful. When learning and emulating role models doesn’t happen, this is the state one lands into.

Self created challenges would eject you out of the system is the challenge you face. Irrelevance which is difficult to imagine can happen in a very short period of time, you would get totally engulfed even before you can start strategising. Making grand statements of your deficiencies and you being steadfast to the status quo or absurd thought process is enough to be your nemesis in an age, wherein self created challenges can at best can be called history.


Sanjay Sahay

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