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Paradoxical as it may be, self learning is the most difficult or the most easy way of learning methods, depending on the fact whether you are a practitioner of not. All our academic career and might be even beyond, we are wedded to the idea and practice of; course, content, teaching, exams and results as the only system of learning. In the professional life also it’s training, workshop, certification and courses which has the same elements too. The primordial idea is that study is decided and dictated by somebody else and your are just supposed to go through a rigmarole, which would give you a document to certify that you are familiar with that subject to a particular level.

In this ecosystem, if we add degrees and all certifications and match it with the sum total of all professional requirements, it would be in excess, but in reality there is a serious shortage impacting different sectors, IT in particular and also research and development. The dialogue between requirements and study is on but the results are minimal. Professionals have to change and the academic world too. The change is first the change of a thought process. The Dictated Study Mindset has to change to Self Learning Mindset. Accepting, adapting and adopting this would completely change your world view. The rigor, regimen and drudgery of studies would transform into one of exploration and satisfaction.

This is a simple and a well known system of learning. Depending on your professional or personal requirements,the person sets out to find the best material available within his resources, and study and learn at his time and pace. He can add to his requirements or his resources at his sweet will and continue with the same. No clearances, approvals or sanctions. You are the final arbiter of your learning and assimilation. And you can get into practicing it straightaway. No exams, no certifications, no stress, no tension. What a life it is, of self learning! It can happen only if you have a Self Learning Mindset.

The best practitioners of any trade and well known writers and researchers all belong to this mindset. And the hackers too. To be a master of a trade / skill / topic or practice is way beyond the mortal certificates can provide. Self Learning only can make you reach the pinnacle. A never say never say die Self Learning Mindset can only sustain.


Sanjay Sahay

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