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Human race is an interplay for cognitive capabilities and feelings and everything revolves around it. How we deal with it individually or as a community / society or a nation, decides the professional and moral character of the nation. Brought down to organizational culture it defines the business of life, in all its dimensions. The process is long drawn one, and happens over generations, when leaders mind converges, to lead and guide the creation of a civilized, professional, predictable, transparent and deliverable society. Sentiments and emotions mostly take a back seat and professionalism, expertise and achievements become the societal movers and shakers.

Work ethic rubric enmeshing a whole organization or country is most difficult to create. It has an organic growth. It is mostly intangible but having come to shape it is rock solid, and in its variants, it has the capacity to deliver at will. More and more control of your sentiments and emotions, not bringing anything in the public and professional domain, and it not impacting normal operations and delivery becomes the standard format. Far away from the desired goal, we carry sentiments galore and if the sentiments are hurt, you had it.

Hurt sentiments can taken any shape in this country. The most intriguing part is that it can be perceived one. One can literally declare a war type situation, if it deemed to be warranted by the aggrieved individual, party or community. As all share the sentiments psyche, they also converge for demanding action against the “sentiment aggressor” and more often than not they also deliver action or threat for punishment and at times punishment too. The issue of sentiments can make or mar any issue and it has all the ingredients to decimating what the march of civilization over long periods of time.

Sentiments and sanity cannot be bundled together, it has never been. If it relates to history or culture or language; it can arouse feelings leading to any type of action. It is inflammable, and has to be handled carefully. There are leaders of sentiments in this country and they decide whether the sentiments have been hurt or not. If it has been hurt as per their point of view, they are entitled to take any action. You declare yourself as a bomb, nobody can speak or write or create anything in any form, what you don’t like. Books and movies bear the brunt many a times. Political leaders have played the sentiments game on a regular basis. More often than not, some of them becomes sentiments insignias themselves. If the issue is of religion in any form, you had it, the law also has provisions for it. By the time law gets into motion, the damage has been for good. We have innumerable instances of it.

Sanjay Sahay

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