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Can a few behavioral traits decimate the well-being of a nation? Can the whole population be infected by such traits? But for a few exceptions, why others can’t see the writing on the wall? Is it all related to not making any effort or *having become so effeminate ending up in an inability to make effort? Learning ceases to be a natural process, formal or otherwise, it is done with a very short-sighted objective; getting marks or jobs primarily. In this backdrop Indians grow and live and make tall claims of knowledge, competency and expertise.

Getting coached in the most mercenary style is our national obsession, albeit the Kota style. Schools and parents have given up long back. Government with folded hands draws its inspiration and content from consultants and outsourcing in a non-deliverable manner has become the norm. In short, we want to have all the fun and benefits, bereft of mental or physical effort. Thinking is an anathema. Deciding even for oneself is abhorred. Going with the tide is the ultimate fashion. We have even lost the age-old charm of being accountable to oneself. In a world where originality is not in currency, expecting independent style of investing a bit too much.

Finding money to invest has been a challenge for the middle class, leave aside the people who are towards the bottom of the pyramid. Funds for investing comes at a huge cost on the quality of living and comfort and at times necessity too. Unfortunately, that scarce capital is squandered for lack of effort to know about investment options in detail, stay put in the game and keep improving upon it. That is the way to make your money grow, and that is area generally one does not want to master. What is style of investing and how can that make a difference? Emanating from the share market, it means that based on your knowledge and expertise, you have decided on a method, nature or portfolio of investment, which delivers handsome returns for you.

The beauty is you are confident about it too. The most important part that you know what you are doing. You keep learning in an iterative manner and keep gaining in confidence and worth; expertise and financial. You stop getting impressed by any financial product or agent selling you some graphs and figures. The investment market has perfected this art and we have perfected the art of being the losers, first not ready to invest in the right way and second be happy with the crumbs of the financial markets, while the middlemen and big investors of every type, being free to rule the roost. We broadly leave our money unattended, using an alibi of being busy for not learning. Being safe to the level of “self-created poverty of returns,” is the world be we live in. Risk we don’t even want to talk of, leave aside managing it. If we study the investment profile of the nation, vast majority are ready to get duped, while thinking that they have fared well.

Sanjay Sahay

Have a nice evening.

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