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Tonnes of management literature exists about Vision & the Visionaries.  Great vision has rarely yielded to equally great results.  Vision has somehow remained aloof from the execution infrastructure, which is in place; delivering day to day results but  being unable to transcend to deliver the extraordinary i.e. exemplary execution of the vision.  Does the organisation lack the wherewithal to make this proactive change? The answer is no.  The capability of the visionary to take to the ground, what we can term as the Shared Vision is the game changer.

 Shared vision is the capability of the organisation / human resources to understand & assimilate the vision & develop tools / skills to execute the same.  Shared vision is the quintessential to building a learning organisation; which is a basic requirement to achieving the vision. Humungous organisations have multidimensional challenges.  A shared vision gives both energy & focus.  It should be the  core stakeholder vision.

 Making a vision into a shared  vision is the art of a successful visionary.  This has to be forward looking by envisioning exciting possibilities &  through this enlisting others in a shared view of the future.  The future is not ours to see; for the followers,  the visionary provides the third eye.  A dream which can happen & deals proactively with their desired wants.  This attribute distinguishes  the leaders & the non-leaders.

 Over a period of time a system & a process develops to deliver the same.  The whole organisation has the same feel & energy. Things start moving at pace & finality one has not imagined.  The whole organisation is now on board.  The vision engulfs all, the organisation is charged, yearning to deliver.  The Shared Vision with the Visionary in charge tastes the first blood; of success, the transformation has just begun.  Then it’s just a matter of time & the grandiose vision is translated into reality.  The shared vision makes change sustainable,  elevating the organisation/ community & at times nations to a much higher  level.


    Sanjay Sahay

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