DailyPost 263


The society & the electorate of the nation has been praised over & over again for their maturity for their capability to change regimes & similar has been case in large number of democratic societies the world.  The Trumped electoral  & onward presidential journey is laid before the world to inculcate learnings for the citizens of the democratic world.  The complexity of mind, business, vested interests & realpolitik international relations & the impact thereof, it is presumed that, this supposedly mature electorate does not understand.

Is it a real maturity or a guise to provide immense moral validation to the process, which certainly is not delivering the results truthful to the aspirations & commitments to the main stakeholder of the democratic ecosystem.  Does our response match to the maturity that is being talked about?

 The gullibility finds a lateral extension in all spheres of life & the supposedly smart guys are using this to their advantage.  A matured society in the Information Age is getting duped by non-existent builders & variety of financial schemes which can be termed broadly as Ponzi schemes.  The Ponzi scheme has become multifarious creating newer idea to dupe the gullible customer.  The mind boggling interests promised at times lures the investor reflecting a complete lack of understanding of the citizens &  gives a feeling that they have been waiting to get duped.

 Unaffiliated colleges & unapproved courses making admissions is unheard of.  Nor is the racket of getting admissions is unknown.  Middlemen & people promising fanciful returns / benefits of any kind are still believed & the gullible citizens flock to it.  Radicalisation can also happen to gullible people.

 Once it goes awry, the results are there for everybody to see.


    Sanjay Sahay

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