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 The malaise of self certification is a global phenomenon or otherwise, I am not aware but it has reached gigantic proportions in this county.  Individuals, communities & organisations; private & otherwise, indulge in this with a flourish.  These statements are made with finality where disagreements are inconsequential, is the mindset we work on.  Whether self proclaiming ads are an extension of this trait or certifications are it’s by bye product only time will decide.

 Parents certify the behaviour, intellect & academic excellence of the child, when all facts & opinions are to the contrary.  The impact is an emboldened child, unfettered by realities, being explicitly made known by friends, teachers & well wishers.  It creates a bubble for him, which becomes his world & is extremely comfortable with it.  When he faces the world with this mindset he crashes & then again the parents stand in unison to blame it on the organisation & the system.

 A company widely proclaims High Performance. Delivered.  Self certification at its worst. Before the customer even gets onboard, he is supposed to have accepted this self adage.  The customer would decide the nature of performance, delivered or not delivered, only he can decide.  If the customer/s has a different story, it finds no mention.  With no innovation in place, a company may end up with a self certification of Applying Thought.  As if Applying Thought is neat requirement in the RFP or the work order & the company has a matrix to evaluate the same.

 On daily basis we are forced to witness such certifications of being the best, best performing, cannot do wrong, most experienced, most disciplined and the likes.  Anything spoken to the contrary based on hard facts & experience need not given any heed, is the expectation.  Self certifying educational institutions have done immense damage to our educational system & kept our students & parents in a stupor,  creating mediocrity.  Self certification criss crosses all domains & social entities creating a smokescreen.


    Sanjay Sahay

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