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Big Data moving on to Machine Learning / Deep Learning & beyond to Artificial Intelligence is the trajectory that seems to have been accepted by R & D fraternity across the globe. Unsupervised learning is already in vogue and Alpha Zero’s recent success has put in enough fodder where the mouth is. The final destination is Singularity. Technological singularity, in common parlance is called Singularity. As per this hypothesis, invention of artificial superintelligence is bound to happen. The watershed moment would trigger runaway technological growth. In real terms, it would mean unfathomable changes to our civilization. Existential?

Nascent Artificial Intelligence the world is trying to grapple with already. That’s not the end of technology, it’s the beginning of it. The paradox of technology is as we achieve something unimaginable, another unimaginable mirage appears. Same repeat for Artificial Intelligence too. An upgradable intelligent agent would become the norm, breaking the barrier of Artificial Intelligence and take us to Artificial General Intelligence. The stage would be that of ”runway reaction,” of self improvement cycles. New & more intelligent generation would keep getting born rapidly.

The Intelligence Revolution would thus begin. This would end in powerful superintelligence. A super qualitative change having the potential to surpass all human intelligence. There are lots of detractors to this hypothesis, but even the ardent believe that some conspicuous milestone would be in the range of 2040. Pathbreaking research projects do have such timelines. I J Good’s ”Intelligence explosion”’model predicts that a future superintelligence will trigger a singularity.’ Some predict it as the end of the human era.

Stephen Hawking & Elon Musk feel uncontrolled rise of AI as a matter of alarm for humanity’s future. The consequences of singularity; benefit & harm to human race is being hotly debated globally.


Sanjay Sahay

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