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We live in a knowledge based world, either we align or we perish. It is as stark as it sounds. The whole of the educational system functions to finally to create an urge for knowledge. The curriculum, content, exams and results have all been created towards fulfilment of this goal. Unfortunately, this itself has been made the goal. Why our educational system has not been able to create this urge, the basic tool for our existence, remains the biggest untold story of this system.

India’s educational system is has turned out to be an examination system. Knowledge as a concept or as a tool is not discussed in our system or even in homes. Results are be all and end all of life. It’s rare to find a child, whose knowledge we are impressed with & more so the urge. Creating and sustaining this urge is not supported by the ecosystem. Once out in the cut throat professional world the degrees start to get unstuck, with the passage of time it turns out to be decorative pieces, only fit enough to adorn the walls. Only, knowledge will prevail, it always has.

How many times have you felt that if you had more knowledge about an issue, you would have performed better? How many times have you found your subordinates / peers and even bosses found wanting? In the world of updation of knowledge, the response is this urge; which would provide the necessary enablement to garner it. Knowledge facilitates skills & competencies. It’s works vice verse as well. One feeds into other. The urge to know and learn.

The lack of knowledge enablement on the self learning mode has manifold manifestations. Mediocrity becomes the norm, a termite which can eat up any & every system. Nefarious systems develop to compensate for this lacunae.

No regular teaching, training and certification have created outstanding success. The movers & shakers of this world belong to the desperate urge for knowledge category. They stay on. Time & space is of no great consequence.


Sanjay Sahay

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