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Breakthrough thinking is ”deliberate, focused effort aimed at developing radically new approaches that overcome constraints, instead of making incremental changes in the older ways of working.” The practitioners of this craft have delivered pathbreaking theories & products to mankind from Einstein to Tesla. It’s a misconception of treating it as a product of a genius mind, thinking that makes the difference. And as with any craft it can be learnt by practice.

Changes in the micro-structure of the brain is critical for this thinking. The changes this thinking brings to the brain has been elaborated upon in the book, The Net & the Butterfly. It opens new vistas for professionals, who want to get into the art & practice of Breakthrough Thinking. Improving the structural strength of the brain leading to using its inherent plasticity elevates the level.

The executive brain comes in way of this change. Routine is death of plasticity. New information is an incredible fuel to plasticity. Work & hobby combination works well in this framework leading it new idea. What we treat as the worthless work from a supposedly professional point of view, leads most of the times to creative breakthroughs. The aha moment just happens. Breakthrough tools make a difference.

Default neural network we use on a regular basis. It’s basically the machine mode. It’s in reaction to the machine ecosystem. Creativity thought talked endlessly does not have a fertile breeding ground. Mediation quietens the network. Transcendental meditation provide something mental to focus on. Meditation & having right mentors can bring about the change. Meditation -creativity linkage. Processing information is the key. Default to creative to default mode to deliver is the cycle. Breakthrough thinking is no linear progression. There is no recipe to it. It’s hands on. Flaws & constraints paradoxically propel this thought. It’s helps create associative thinking. Once gotten there, you feel it.


Sanjay Sahay

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