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Do we live in a Perception World, which is going strong in the midst of the Information Age and even more queer tragedy, in the much flaunted data driven ecosystem. Scratch the veneer of jargons and oft quoted captions and vision and mission statements of the day, you will realise how much of your life is based on hard facts and whether the supposedly hard facts are again opinions of different types and each supported by statistics of its own. Perceptions come out of the world, media and company around, the ecosystem you interact with. With each one holding to a stand, you also develop a fancy to have one.

Solid perceptions develop or are made to develop and the person is ready to live and die for it. There is whole industry operating to create perceptions and the average population is ready to latch on to it. Like the gas chamber, perception chambers are created. But the real issue for this mindset creation is our extreme faith in superficiality of things and not in reading, understanding, doing, finding out, cross checking, urge to be genuinely well aware, validated facts and demonstrated expertise being the only touchstones.

Being superficial and claiming to be knowledgable, have no experience and claiming to possess the world’s experience, claiming expertise while you have just heard a few stories is the genesis of Solid Perceptions. The crowning glory is the ego that never goes wrong, whereas in reality it only goes wrong. The professional world, the real world, the world of real operations and impact making results are layers and layers deep, than what is claimed out to be. It is the difference between a superficial description of a cardiac surgery and the experience of a cardiac surgeon.

To throw out perceptions out of life, you will have to denounce superficiality. Post denouncing you have embrace the knack to understand the nitty gritty of things, the beauty lies in the details and myriad thoughts and variants and procedures attached. You will find you own to the facts which are rock solid and develop a knack to understand its growth and progression. This is the beginning of understating the big, bold and complex world of today. You have to match up to it.


Sanjay Sahay

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