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In a country where self certification is the name of the game, the next logical corollary would be defence. The correctness of an act, thought, idea or utility is not a question of debate and hence has to be defended at all costs. The loss of objectivity is the natural outcome and everybody is put in watertight compartments of their own creation. Democratic thinking in professional existence; creation, operation and outcomes are thus ruled out and the level playing field concept so vigorously flaunted the world over, does not have any fruitful meaning here. From a simple defence of the indefensible to a battle outcry has become our DNA.

Defence mindset speaks of a closed mind, that there shall no difference of opinion and that one is infallible. Validation as an operative thought means that whatever you think, do or deliver is put to test by other people who are in know of it. This has been the norm of social existence and these social validations have led to social norms, conventions etc. The lack of community feeling of the yesteryears and general perception that social concurrence does not matter has given this sudden spurt in defence mindset.

This defence mindset is in reality the cover for an offensive, useless, partisan, or a hidden agenda cause. In contrast Validation is the sine qua non of our existence. Validation is the inner strength of human existence from the personal, societal, national to global levels and for all activities; scientific, technological, economic and societal. The nature of validations are different for different activities and sectors but the ultimate utility of this process is beyond doubt and so is the confidence, comfort level, decision making capabilities and future planning derived out of it.

Defence is the tool of the ignorant yet presumptively powerful. Validation is the tool of the present and future; objective, empirical and socially, nationally viable. This is the way forward for the Indian society, economy and polity, changing the mindset will align us to current mainstream trends in the world. Modern emerging technologies will validate lots of activities of the present day and simultaneously get validated for its adoption.


Sanjay Sahay

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