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 Men of stature define the world.  They are the personalities who have gained  importance or reputation  by ability or achievement & are of immense societal value. The are the  repositories of pre-eminence, prominence, influence, fame, celebrity status, renown & acclaim  and have the demonstrated capability of guiding the society. They also have the potential of  taking the community with them on the right trajectory.  The stature is earned over long many years and not ordained on them.

Stature is a  positive & a proactive  term can add  transformational value  to you. It’s like a purpose of life ending up in fulfilment. It has  some elements of self-actualisation inbuilt  into it. It is unfortunate that no thought is given to increase our stature in life. In this overall gamut, most of our life’s activities would both get  subsumed and additionally  will also have a meaning.

As we grow up life we are expected not only to deliver what is expected professionally but go a  step further in the professional & the public domain  leading to the growth / creation of what is termed as stature. A stature that  keeps growing propelled by our exceptional work & also the the qualities of good human being  enmeshed into one. How many of us gain a stature which can be envy of the colleagues & people at large.   If this is kept in mind professionally we  shine exceptionally.

The stature of police officers like KPS Gill, Julio Riberio, Kiran Bedi, can give us an idea as to what stature is all about. Similarly, we have lots in other other fields who are epitome of what stature is like; MS Swaminathan, Sreedharan, Dr. Kurien et al,  who transcend their domain & hit the public domain in an everlasting manner.  It is beyond professional achievement. National & international stature or immense professional stature. Likes of  Anna Hazare are difficult to straightjacket in a definition,  they define stature.  Pre-eminence is cardinal to stature, position is not.


Sanjay Sahay

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