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Bangalore has been for long been the IT  capital of India, then moved on the be a world renowned technology hub and now takes pride in being the start up capital as well.  Our tryst with our destiny is very intricately intertwined with the governance models, management systems & technology options  we indulge in at a gigantic level. There are not many models which are either home grown or fully adapted to Indian conditions.  Indigenisation of the nature required has a still to take off.

Moving in the same direction Bangalore with the momentum is has, should emerge as the knowledge & the intellectual capital of the country.  The first in this direction should be the creation of a Knowledge City.  This would be the research powerhouse delivering products & systems sufficient enough to propel the nation to next level at a sustainable growth incessantly.

 Bangalore Knowledge City  once created, should evolve as a  conglomeration of institutions  focusing on  technology, management & governance  working tirelessly on a blueprint based on the  research requirements  of the nation. List of institutions needs to be decided & also the nature of their functioning.  Renowned institution builders need to be meticulously selected  & tasked with creation of institutions on the lines pre-decided. An  overall governing council for the Bangalore Knowledge City  will decide the overall framework & its functioning and guide various institutions, which would be established there.  Visionary practitioners can only take it ahead.

 School of Governance, National Homeland Security Center, National Innovation Hub, Global Cyber Security University, Center for Artificial Intelligence, IT Standards Organisation  can be the few illustrative examples to start with. It will gain momentum & new institutions can be added as and when required. Bangalore Knowledge City should aspire for a place of  pre-eminence as the Silicon Valley  in its field.


Sanjay Sahay

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