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Sept the 11th, 2001, was a defining moment in the history of terrorism & of the modern world. The trajectory terrorism has taken since then has defied all rational explanation & also imagination. From group of highly motivated, well guided, based on a neat plan  transforming an aircraft into a missile,  wrecking the worst terror attack is all well documented & too well known. The most recent in the series being the just  concluded lone wolf attack in New York.  From an organised group to a  single individual & using vehicle as a weapon  seems to be the latest trend. The recent terrorist incidents of Nice, London & Las Vegas fully substantiate this mode.

If investigation into these terrorist incidents are to go by, the  individual terrorists had no criminal record, behaviour not sufficient enough  to raise suspicion in the community &  no intercepted communication  on any mode to make surveillance a necessity on each of these individuals. But to accept that all such meticulous attacks happened out of the blue leaving  no trace behind while preparing  for it, is a over simplistic preposition.  Undeniably, they have hoodwinked law enforcement agencies.

With huge amount of technical prowess, expertise & experience behind them, the  US Intelligence seems to have wherewithal  for the task they are mandated to do. Their failure can be attributed to two reasons, one the its  humongous nature  & the second the  Dark Net.  Termed as the  criminal backwaters of the Internet,  the Dark Net provides the  communication channels generally beyond the reach  of law enforcement agencies.  Encrypted communications  has added an insurmountable factor in interception.  FBI Vs Apple case  is still fresh to us.

At the heart of it would remain the  privacy Vs security  debate, a  universal protocol  accepted to one & all,  legally valid.  There is no denying the fact that even  lone wolf’s  get into this mode  through well established radicalisation process  & at times one to one.  Cracking the Dark Net riddle is the key to it.


Sanjay Sahay

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