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CISOs have slowly become an integral part of our digital landscape.  The consequent impact on the enterprises does not seem to be visible. Enterprises seem to be as vulnerable as ever &  their climb down on the vulnerability index  is yet to start. The surface area and the threat vectors have increased considerably & the capability of the organisation to  match the threat requirements, with CISO as the main facilitator & enabler  has to happen now. The CISOs & the businesses should be in control of the cyber security scenario in the very  same manner as the business imperatives.

The Confidentiality, Availability & Integrity, CIA triad we are familiar with, the recent addition of  Resilience  as the  underpinning of the enterprise  has lots of connotations. How much has the CISO been able to understand the Resilience concept & and  what part of it can he make it to real tangible deliverable  is the moot question. What are the  skeletal services  which swing into action & to what  effectiveness,  necessarily maintaining the CIA triad.  When & how can all the services can get back into operation has to be cracked  upon.

The  CISO responses  in large of conferences does not make one believe that we have made  any great headway.  Job description of all CISOs remain the same, whereas  the responses are different. May be large part depends on the  level & quantum  of training  imparted to them and the level of  hands on expertise  they have picked to handle their job. More & more  outsourcing is not the answer , where in reality only one last end Professional does the job.

 Does the enterprise in all its operations & in all its Human Resource’s imbibe the cyber security ethos & its operations?  Or is it just another compliance issue? Compliance issue approach has brought us to this situation and giving up this mindset can only sort out matters.  It’s an area which needs immense focus and unflinching never say never die approach.


    Sanjay Sahay

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