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 Life is a long haul and staying relevant all your life is not a easy game.  Whatever might be our plight at differential stages, we always claim our relevance.  Relevance is directly connected to a long term purpose  & cannot be sustained by some goals and short term targets. We are  not trained for staying relevant in our schools and colleges  and this is singularly the most important reasons for kids and adults going astray.

You stay relevant throughout the academic career by sustaining to get good marks and at the end of a day a plum job.  The blurring of relevance then begins.  Once into a job the question of relevance hits in a big way.  The battle is on for proving one’s worth all throughout the career.  The only validator of worth is generally the boss. One presumes few incremental increases in the financial package is being relevant. Not necessarily so.  Your contribution to the organization which is conspicuous of you is your relevance.  Simultaneously, you can also be relevant to the society.

Mechanical time pass career has become the order of the day in an Age meant for the men of ideas & innovators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and the like.  When you start finding your relevance decreasing  or vanishing away in the changed scenario, the story shifts to the  historical achievements  of what you did in school and college.

 The happiest person is a person who finds of himself relevance to his job, family, acquaintances and society at large.  It’s easier said that done and needs years of understanding your own self and picking up knowledge, skills, values and energy to deliver regularly.  Only delivering regularly, of quality can keep you relevant.

The most of productive  years of your life can be post 50 and even into retirement, if one has picked the art of staying relevant. Besides, you professional domain, it can be any other area of inherent relevance,  the change brought forth should be conspicuous  to all. It is not difficult to arrive to. Some effort can make it happen.


Sanjay Sahay

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