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Packaging has emerged as number one business in this nation, where jokingly it is said it can done even without the product. From products it has gone into areas which social media can boast of. In simple terms it is the. art of providing an appropriate cover to the product to give it a reasonable look and make known the basic details of the product. In today’s complex world it means all activities from physical packing to digital marketing to enhance the value of the product in the eyes of the customers and drive home its utility as a necessity and way beyond it actually is. Advertising in this sense comes in the fold of packaging.

Packaging is a value enhancer between the real value of the product and the projected value. In the real world when the actual cost of the product remains unknown, which is often the case, packaging rules the roost. While there are standards for the product,there are no standards for costing. Brands are created after sustained efforts of meticulous strategised packaging; it can be products, stars, models, public personalities, gurus of different types, anything to be precise.

Strategising packaging is the main marketing tool today and tonnes of money, energy and effort goes into it. Two great examples presently devoid of strategising packaging is WhatsApp, we are still to see any advertisement and second being One Plus mobiles which started by invite and slowly made a crazy headstart on the strength of the product. Now it is also strategising packaging but we can say it commensurate to the product. The issue is in large number of cases where the commercial success is aspired and many times achieved only by strategising packaging.

The hapless consumer pays a price for the cost add on while there is no value add. If all the money or a major part of it and efforts made for this useless part of the supply chain goes into improving the product, will it not be transformative? Will it not create a value for products and consequently value for money in the ecosystem? Will we not be able get rid of packaged professionals? Will not stop buying unknown foreign projects successes for Indian project work decisions and orders? First we have to get rid of the non-productive mindset.


Sanjay Sahay

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