THE TWO WAY STREET – Business Development & Cyber Security

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THE TWO WAY STREET – Business Development & Cyber Security

Security has not only played a secondary but an inconsequential role to product and business development of any company. The dramatically changed scenario because of the complexity of technology used, the humongous outsourced and cloud operations are slowly and assertively bringing security nearer to the business mainstream. This is facilitated by hacks and breaches of an exceptional kind hitting where it hurts most; credibility and the cash registers. The transition to cloud based operations has security as the main bottleneck.

Crash business development can certainly lead to business crashes from Sony Productions to Bank of Bangladesh to our very own Pune based Cosmos Bank. Managements will have to an extra mile to go keep the company safe. Only a resilient company will survive. A beleaguered company like Facebook is not the best way to live in this cut throat commercial world. Cyber Security needs to factored in as the most important business risk. A case in point is Yahoo valuation plummeting courtesy hacking.

Technology is disrupting everything in the world. Cyber crime and security are both getting disrupted comprehensively. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Real time data analytics, IOT, Robotics, 3D Printing, Blockchain, Autonomous Vehicles, Advanced Virtual Reality are all rapidly moving into every organisation. The more the technology, more that interplay of different technologies, hyper connectivity and desire and requirement of instant services and results, security will be put to risk as never before.

The two important elements of a business enterprise have to work in tandem. A robust business development / cyber security relationship has to emerge on rock solid objective technical foundations easily implementable and upgradable. The management buy in cannot be pushed any further. The return on investment does not work in this field as the rules of the business development model does not work here. It can mean decimation of the company in the worst case scenario.


Sanjay Sahay

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