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Indian democracy can be best known for having the most demanding leaders. Political leaders themselves decide what their entitlement should be and  keep fighting for it. They add  up to organizations which are called political parties, which demand for its  pound of flesh and also their different factions and lobbies within its fold. Here generally nobody is cut to size, and is allowed to grow till the stage, when he is fit enough to cut the oxygen flow to some part of this vibrant and robust democracy. They have a variety of ways to prove and settle their ever increasing demands. Indian democracy has in every way has accepted this aberrant behaviour as the standard behaviour protocol of leaders, in any and every party. A brokered and beleaguered democracy and an electorate which is transformed into begging masses, as  soon as the elections get over.

In this indefinite battle, the contours of Indian democracy have completely changed. Leaders who don’t have this calibre, might soon cease to exist. While this trend is seen and experienced by one and all, the leaders keep talking about their commitment to people and democracy. That they are so possessed with the idea of social service, that they cannot live without it, is the fake narrative they never get tired of. After all, it pays. The begging masses have long been fed up with this drama but who is there to listen to them. From the leader’s own demands, it moves on to their sons, daughters, relatives, friends, sympathizers, supporters et al? When you carry this sort of baggage, what can you actually do for the beleaguered masses. You won’t even get time to think about them.

The demands are endless, relentless, ever increasing with an urge to use every single opportunity to grab as much as he can. This is the eternal war of  attrition in the demand seeking power game. It has become the order of the day, the standard methods of placating them, have also been devised. Given the urgency / emergency of the situation, the pecking order of different items of booty is known to them. There is nothing hidden about it and it is only because of this standard operating protocol, it is turning out to be worse. Leaders have perfected this art and they might never miss a chance. The booty is not limited to democratic booty of power, position and authority, it goes into other areas as well.

Conversely, at times opportunities chase you. So, if you made a name in this field, people are likely to come to you first. These are times when a party is running short of numbers to prove their majority. One Indian state has the dubious distinction of having an independent MLA as the CM. You can visualize the game behind. Coalitions provide immense opportunities to them in a variety of ways, and each of these, know how to go about it. Such vociferous politicians, who make up the legislature party are ready to be kept as a herd, in resorts under guard, certainly there is more to the story than just preparing for a show of strength, on the floor of the legislature. The Indian politician is not ready to be satisfied in any manner, unsatiated.  He / his class will keep certifying themselves, whichever way they want and keep getting away with it. The political class and democracy have become antithetical to each other.


Sanjay Sahay

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