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While the world has got onto to complete digital mode, with some gaps, the component of technology used for purposes of investigation, has to take a quantum leap. The usage of technology has increases more in important cases. Barely two percent of data created today is non-digital, with nearly the commensurate level of evidence, are able to tap into it? Lots of technologies & high end investigative computer skills are essential. Basing investigation on an array of witnesses in the conventional investigation mode has been fraught with dangers.

CCTV footage is being used in large number of cases. It is & can be particularly useful in mob violence cases. The footages can be collated from from all sources possible & “technically” analysed. Face recognition software has improved considerably. All data / evidence can be imaginatively technically stitched by trained investigators. The videos & pics have tonnes of embedded data waiting to be tapped. The meta data & it’s analysis has to be more imaginatively / painstakingly relied upon. CCTVs networks in advanced cities can give a complete documentary of suspects. The quality & reliability can happen through a National CCTV Protocol.

Natural language processing has come a long way. Voice can be used as an important investigative tool, more so when tallying the voice samples conclusively, is critical. Computer vision applications will help us find a better meaning to what the cameras see& may also the video footages. Machine learning will add some basic intelligence to the system. Data Science & Machine Learning need to gain foothold here.

Smart phones through locational parameters, metadata data & tower dumps data can throw up one of its kind authentic analysis, correlations & predictions. The Social Media depth of data on our feelings & activities, even with known issues can be much more fruitfully utilised. A Comprehensive Base Document on Tech Enabled Investigation can be a new beginning.


Sanjay Sahay

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