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If we make a matrix of time spent by companies in variety of its activities, the time spent in hiring would turn out to be the most critical. However much we try differently, only quality of human resources really cut out for the company, would always define, the company itself. Growth, profits & brand would certainly follow. Unfortunately, hiring, for a large number of Indian companies, mostly IT, is amass recruitment exercise. Do the companies put the right energies to hire the right person? Is the HR Dept competent & empowered do the path breaking hiring?

Do the companies have a neatly calculated proactive approach or it is on a mechanical job description? What is the purpose of the company itself? The SpaceX hiring model puts some emphasis on getting top marks at top schools. What matters much more is the type A personality traits over their life; excelled at robot building competitions, car hobbyists building unusual vehicles. Passion oozing out of the individual is the key. He should be able to work well with the team & is hands on to an exceptional level. Doing is believing is the philosophy.

Even if one is coder you have to understand, you have to understand how mechanical things work. How rubber meets the road. “We were looking for people that had been building things since they were little.” SpaceX HR would go out of the way, “trawling through academic papers,” to locate the specific skills. Locating researchers labs & wooing interesting candidates at trade shows and conferences. Then the rigorous recruitment process would follow. The last task would be to write an essay for Musk about they want to join SpaceX.

The commitment to is the best manifested from the fact that Musk interviewed every one of the first 1000 hires of SpaceX, inclusive of janitors & technicians. He has continued to interview every engineer to this day. SpaceX is the ultimate success of hiring. Even those who were fired by Musk worshipped him in superlatives used for superheros or deities.


Sanjay Sahay

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