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Resistance to change is a norm globally. Lots of changes seem to happen on the face of it, it does not happen at the real level either vertically or horizontally. Technology adoption has been a challenge all along human history, now even at time when we are immersed in technology. Some make commercial headway because of ease they bring but most don’t find a place in our everyday life. If that happens the real benefit could be felt in all pervasive manner.

Today Cochin Airport’s complete electricity consumption is met by solar power, first in the world to be powered by solar. If this model is replicated, it would transform the energy sector. Vast tracts of Indian countryside has immense sunlight & simultaneously they suffer from electricity shortage. If this is matched & the ecosystem is put in place, imagine of the immense positive consequences.

Who will do the transformation?Everything does not happen the Mobile way. Only some generic technologies grow in the manner. For the rest, first is the knack to select the right technology for the requirements. This has to happen out of maze of technologies. Having done that it comes to the planning level, which is the most difficult. How many technology planners we have, who can plan humungous technology adoption projects?. The projects would fan out across sectors. The buy in has to be generic & so should be the impact.

The execution is most challenging part, even for the repeated projects. A steel plant or textile mill remains a great challenge, even if the resources are put at your disposal. What would be the fate of new technologies? Industrial Revolution 4.0 is just a jargon in this country, for social talk with no relevance. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence doesn’t seem to have many serious takers. We have become perpetual users. Might be we keep waiting for the time to be picked up as users. A tragedy for supposedly a technologically sound country.


Sanjay Sahay

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