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 Law, management & technology have for long been connected in a linear fashion.  The law provided  the mandated legal framework under which governance operated on an age old workflow mechanism. Corporate governance guided the companies in a manner prescribed by law & the  management models provided for the operations, scalability & business expansion,  depending on the vision & the strength of the management models & mechanisms laid for the purpose. The sudden upsurge of  disruptive technologies & it being in reach of one & all  has thrown the old order haywire.

 Disruptive technologies has put the standard management models on its head.  Innovators Dilemma of Clayton Christensen is the first well substantiated book which deals with this challenge. A challenge companies have been grappling with at least since the final years of the last century.  The now infamous Kodak Moment is a case point.  The technology of the day is blatantly & aggressively deciding the management models. The beginnings of this model was seen in companies like Amazon, Google, Walmart & has got fully consolidated by Uber, Airbnb, and henceforth. Whatsapp itself is an interesting model.  Management models are dictated by technology.

Law is desperately trying to align to the harsh realities of technology, at least in US & few of the advanced nations.  They have also not realised that technology will drive the law & not the other way round.  The harsh reality of technology should be governed & monitored in the best possible manner.  Adversarial stance will not help.  FBI Vs Apple case & the recent SC case on privacy are a clear indication of this.

Technology is in the drivers seat.  The paradigm shift is too conspicuous to gloss. The linear progression now is technology, management & law.  This would be a complete U turn. How best we sort out this ever challenging riddle is the challenge thrown to the leaders in every field.


    Sanjay Sahay

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