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Consolidation of knowledge as we progress in professional life keeps us not only afloat but gives the lead.  Reminiscing how bright one was during the academic life is heard all around.  What is one left with at the end of the day is working knowledge of the very specific area of work & manageable skills associated with it.  Very rarely we find people who are supposed to be knowledgeable in their field and rarer in few other fields.

 Knowledge evaporation is the antithesis of knowledge consolidation  and keeps happening on a regular basis and we make no efforts to stall the same. The knowledge once gained, if not in use, tends to get lost. Over a period of time we don’t realise this process naturally happening to us.  With all the peer group, friends & acquaintances undergoing the same process it is supposed to be the normal.

This is most amply manifested in the tonnes of training programs & certifications not making any difference to your knowledge base in the professional career. Worst still, lots go through the knowledge  gathering process mandated on them with no application of mind and no concern for it, leading to a  knowledge evaporation much faster than the learning itself.

Knowledge evaporation can stalled if we live in a knowledge ecosystem, where your  knowledge and skills are put to challenge on a day to day basis . These are are the genuine researchers, scientists, innovators, top class doctors and some very high end professionals.  They can find the difference in them on a regular basis and can make out knowledge evaporation or stagnation as when it happens and they set it right as soon as the symptoms as viable.

Knowledge evaporation is a natural process striking at the root of a learning individual.


 Sanjay Sahay

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