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Human Resource’s are evaluated by the employers on lots of criteria in order to select the most objective ones.  How far they are successful is in the realm of imagination with no empirical research on impact analysis,  some small case studies notwithstanding.  With no knowledge of the temperament of the person it’s a blind bet.  The temperament of a person is his  disposition, constitution, tendency, and  outlook.  This is the most critical trait differentiating the victor & the also rans.

It we try to go through our recent experiences, both professional & otherwise,  we would have umpteen instances being at the receiving end of somebody’s temperament.  The beauty with so called temperamental people is that are extremely comfortable with themselves, find it to be normal & and don’t feel any need to change. What might be the changes all around you, it generally seems  that the temperament does not change.

 Over a period of time the person gets into the self prophecy mode.  After becoming comfortable with being temperamental, one is out to prove that it is best option for him.  The temperament takes a concrete shape and the outside world also responds accordingly.  The systems of interaction / communication, team buliding, execution and delivery all gets decided by it.  What starts as a simple behavioural trait is the final adjudicator of your success.

The standard behavioural traits and psychology behind it is often discussed under lots of management topics dealing with Human Resource’s.  The ideal matrix is also flouted. In this real it does not happen.  The rough edges of human temperament will keep deciding the quality of our professional life & comfort levels.

There can be a chance that a  overwhelming & overpowering organisation culture  might dilute some of these rough edges to be compliant to the existing acceptable norms. The golden mean still seems to be intangible.



 Sanjay Sahay

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