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 Conferences have for long remained the flavour of the day.  With every passing season the themes change and the ongoing cycle of conferences keeps gathering strength from strength. Cyber Security is the sought after theme of the day and organisers are getting into it, lock, stock & barrel.  As expected, the likelihood of profit decides the topic location, participants & the like.  What happens to the theme nobody is aware of.

Unfortunately, the  event managers  / management companies are the  arbiters of conferencing  in at least the public domain ones in this country. With  no knowledge of the topics they handle , it is just a  logistical exercise like a marriage party.  Even the most serious of the lot don’t end up in any worthwhile documentation and to  expect a linear progression in the maturity of topics  is expecting a bit too much.

This  crash commercialisation  has  not  allowed the birth of a genre which can be termed as  conference consultants.  A group of professionals who  could guide these logistic magicians on the structure, content & direction of conferences  in different areas / sectors. They know the takeaways based on requirements and also how to  elevate the professional participants to next higher level . They can also create a follow through mechanism, so necessary to bring in the desired change.

 Conference consultants  would be the  subject matter experts  who over the course of years have gained  expertise & experience  in organising worthwhile conferences. They would also understand the  way technical sessions can be designed  & would be extremely comfortable in getting the  right speakers.  They are connected to their domain experts, their capabilities & their flair to connect / communicate & get them on board. The  nexus  of sponsorship, speakers, participants needs to be broken.  Conferencing is not in their DNA, it’s like any other trade.


    Sanjay Sahay

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