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 Data is the biggest asset and has been termed as today’s oil.  Datafication of world is happening at a breath taking pace.  From property to money to sentiments have already become data  or would shortly be so. Data can broadly be divided into  transient & latent data.

The general usage of data is on the  transient mode  where we use it for increase / decrease and some basic patterns. Beyond this, is the world of latent data where it is the  synthesis of human imagination & technology deciding  what it can deliver. The results of which is evident from the results emanating out of from  Big Data to Artificial Intelligence.

 Latent data , also known as ambient data, in its conventional avatar is the information in computer not  referenced in file allocation tables, not viewable by the OS  or the standard applications.  The concept here is  more ethereal; data all around in everything, untapped and therefore, latent.  We have to specifically decide to  measure  it and see for what  purposes  it can be put use to.

“Latent Data” is generally as the  secret sauce  of the Internet of Things There are  ”Stacks”  within the IoT, namely,  sensors, hubs, comms, cloud  et al. Given the nature of data & its complexity, the real value will emanate out of “latent data.”   ”IoT is an emerging set of technologies, protocols and patterns for the collection, aggregation, analysis and actioning of intrinsic, latent data, and the management of this process.”

Latent data can be regarded as potential data.  The data so far had been silo’ed for a specific purpose . The bondage has to be broken. It has to be put to  much wider access & usage  than for which it was originally designed.


 Sanjay Sahay

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