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With the onset of the nuclear families and the work demands in big cities, social interactions certainly nosedived.  But still the ways to interacted were  limited & clear; a phone call or visit.  Though few and far between,  interactions left lasting memories,  could be refreshed anytime, even after a lapse of decade/s.  What made it memorable was the effort behind it, the wait, the travel, the preparation.  With the onset of the digital social media age, what you  actually interact with is a gadget and not a human being .

Social interactions leads to social relationships; familial & otherwise. Social media interactions remain  limited to the mode itself and never hits the ground level, real life relationships.  More often than not it leads to  fake interactions , which over a period time, in couple of instances take  dangerous proportions.  We interact because the technology has enabled us to interact and not because we feel the need tointeract.

 Our down slide towards effortless living was already on.  Education was moving in a direction of no stress, no tension, no effort and good results.  Packaging became the core mantra. Everybody was happy.  This is the bubble we are in. The same story transpired in social interactions. An RIP is sufficient to console a friend, when the same gadget allows you talk and that too for free.  Sentiments sans social interaction is not only meaningless, it is non-existent.

Community is the sum total of our interactions & the intensity of interactions decide the utility and strength of the community.  Intensity comes out of effort.  Likes & thumbs up can’t even be called even fair weather.  Superfluous, effortless interactions starts and ends there.  It leads to an extremely superfluous society which we are ending up in. The effortless social interaction has developed its own rules. Lack of likes can make one sick. Delay in replies can also have a connotation.  Life makes a delicate balance on this medium.


Sanjay Sahay

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