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The blue eyed boys have been a integral part of the ecosystem, wherever we work and in whatever we do. This has nothing to do with blue blood related to the royal families by any chance. They find their own by hard work or intelligence or even networking and slowly they by their surreptitious charm make themselves the darling of the office, party, family, system, ecosystem and the like. These are very different from sportspersons, actors and other professionals who earn every bit of their existence. The might become celebrities but never become the blue eyed boys of anybody. Everything is related to their performance and more often than not, most of them fade into oblivion or normalcy in a natural manner. After their heydays are over, they use their energies in making a positive contribution to the sport or profession that gave them name, fame and money.

The biggest difference is that second lot has a lot to contribute to the area they are in, whereas the former lot, finds ways and means to exploit the persons and system which makes them blue eyed. There are few who come the hard way but having reached a position or reckoning they go the wrong way, decide to have a cozy existence. The best part of these blue eyed boys is that their supposedly good work which is shown to the public, is a camouflage of the nefarious and semi-nefarious activities they indulge in on a regular basis. The baptism to convenience is complete the second they find the blue-eyed activities normal.

The first step is of simple positioning and testing the waters. Once successful, they slowly create an aura of indispensability around themselves. This in simple language means that only he can accomplish some task with success and elan or differently put, whatever task you assign to him, he will make a success out of it. In this trait and perception he creates is his strength. Now is he introduced as a magician, larger than life persona. Networking and no working becomes the name of the game. Once established in this manner he moves to the surreal level. He gives the same feeling to his masters or the close coterie he works with mainly, the public face and harvesting the goodwill notwithstanding.

The scary character transition of the blue eyed boys to reach and feel that they are invincible is the game changer. They start throwing weight and punch and by then they would have perfected their own nuanced style of navigating the system. This navigation is their hallmark. Each blue eyed boy has his signature navigation style. People who actually deliver relentlessly, have conscience and propriety and believe in the theory of karma can never make the cut. They also abhor being anywhere close to the blue eyed boys. The irony of this ecosystem is that the blue eyed boys who were created to provide a continuous jet ride finally turn out to their nemesis.


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