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In a recent startup virtual event, what has been lamented by one of the award winners is that this country does not have a Big Advisory Ecosystem. For sure this is a reality and anybody getting on the entrepreneurial journey would feel it’s pinch. Given the nature of push given by the government the landscape has considerably changed, infrastructure by way incubation centers and funding mechanism has been put in place. The glue in this journey is a robust, dependable and experienced advisory ecosystem, once that is in place, things would move at a much faster pace and also in right direction.

The issue is not as simple as it sounds. The Bid Advisory Ecosystem does not afflict only the startup. The lack of it is felt in every technical activity in this country, where such expertise is required, in the government and in the private sector. Big Advisory Ecosystem developed in the US and gained expertise in the nitty gritty of everything they did. Then they were exported to the world. It was an extrapolation of the work they did in US. The carried the templates to the the world. Non-organic growth of high end and critical service left lot to be desired. The company values, ethos, high end expertise and know how dif not get transferred, just the name, branding and its market positioning.

The resources don’t get transferred. The partnership LLP mechanism adds to its woes. Anybody worth his salt becomes as businessmen in the organisation who is legally termed a partner. The business is Indian but the rudimentary template is of US, that barley gets connected to the Indian requirements. The Advisory / Consultancy role have become more of low end scripting and standard tech documentation work. The fascinating part is they keep doing the same work over and over again without hardly any improvement. You find big company names in that area, but there is hardly any individual name which has made a mark or who is sought after.

Indian advisory firms, free lancers with Indian business, domain and relevant technical knowledge with a tried and tested track record are the need of the hour. Stitching Indian technology solutions with elan at Indian prices should be game changing. Demonstrated advisory capability is the only capability India is looking for. In the fast changing technological world with the pandemic in the background, dynamic expertise to take the world by the storm is the desired element of consultancy. It’s time India comes out of the shadows and showcases it homegrown consultants and help them shape the technological trajectory of the nation.


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