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India lives in the cycle of fixers inflection points and fixers winters. Inflection points are when it comes to the fore in a big way, starts looking all pervasive and the winter is when it is supposedly dormant. The general feeling we start getting in the fixers winter is that India has got rid of the fixing game and we would slowly enter into a sane age of business, society and politics. That would be always be a fond hope. The Indian public domain and public life has a curse, which we decided not to get rid of – not to do anything in the right manner. There is always a short cut. The fixers want to look tall sitting or standing on somebody else’s shoulder, whatever they can manage. The person who provides shoulder seems to be convinced of the fact that he only worthy of that.

It’s land where people keep boasting endlessly of the people they know and what they can get done. This is what impresses the Indian society. Nobody talks of what he or she can deliver with hard work, expertise and perseverance. It is a society in catharsis. What is the regular system of living becomes a scam or a gate when it is spilled in the public domain through investigation, sting, media or a rogue website and what not. What is not even news in best of the times becomes breaking news with a minimum font size of 100 for the electronic media. News for sure has been broken and then efforts are on to obfuscate it. The impact of such fixing also depends on the fixing you can do post the revelations.

The Commonwealth Games construction was there for everybody to see, the delay, the mismanagement and the shabby work. Visible corruption is only one side of the evil. A modern professional world professes right man at the right place. Talent finds the right job and job finds the right talent. Are positions moving in this natural flow. How many times have you got your due even without making any extraneous effort for it. Everything is guaranteed and talent and merit run supreme is our Vision Statement. Procuring Guns changed governments. The shame is not only for the individuals but way more for the nation. It sticks to everybody.

From Iron more to medical college we have fixers all around the place. Some even develop the audacity to commit the gravest of criminal acts being confident of getting away with it. Whether they are able to get away with it or not is a different story, it is extremely demoralising for the society. Instead of society changing, it has adapted to it. This is termed as being practical. It extends from business to politics to personal life to legal guardians et al. Tehelka itself became one Tehelka. How can the fourth estate be left behind in this game. They are the sentinels of democracy. A pious job description. The ghost cocktail of Nina Radia – Barkha Dutt is back again to lift up the ever questioning Republic.


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