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What is the gap between what we profess and what we do? What is the gamut of difference between our public stance and our personal stance? How many of the personas in the public domain sermon industry are qualified to be there? Is there any connect between the audacious positioning and how much you can manipulate the system? Is there any connect between the between the best delivery of public sermonising and the worst variety of public cheating? Is obfuscation of facts and creating a deliberate smokescreen a part of a well thought out, pre-mediated and a neatly calibrated strategy? The harsh reality is that there is rampant audacious public cheating in this country.

This is not of the direct criminal offence variety but given the nature of discourse and grandstanding they maintain, certainly there is criminality of mind. To benefit at all costs, use levers of power to their advantage and make huge financial gain, while being amongst the elite gang of movers and shakers. They try their level best to be completely outside public scrutiny. They create the most conducive, one of its kind ecosystems for the themselves. What trajectory they can take the world to, the best of the objective citizens will never be able to understand the racket. Once the lid is off, we start connecting the dots. The tragedy is that everything makes sense in hindsight.

The irony is that of the millions of such tragedies blooming in this country, only a few come to light by some quirk of fate and not because of any effort by any surveillance or an oversight agency. Even a small deficiency in a product, which wouldn’t make any difference to its performance or be ever known to customer was unacceptable to Steve Jobs. ”Caesar’s wife must remain above suspicion,” is an adage we are always reminded. The Indian sanskars can be even way beyond the above mentioned noble thoughts, but what is the reality? Has duplicity hypocrisy taken us over? Every time we get a new Sherlock Homes style audacious public cheating case.

The variety of such minor plots went to become the overall architecture of Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case investigation and it’s multifarious fallout’s, all threads remain unwoven even today. In the recent times everlasting flavour of the cuisine described above can seen in Nina Radia – Barkha Dutt tapes / cases, also involving lots of other public personas. “Me Too’s” Indian edition can be treated as a variant of similar ailments. And now the Arnab Goswami – Partho Dasgupta saga. For wherever it goes, one thing for sure, this is not the last one and that never ever the last word can written on Indians romanticism with Audacious Public Cheating. India is never on a roll, it is always taken on a ride.


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