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 In general our capability to connect is extremely stunted, outside our area of influence and / or what we mandated professionally & socially.  Beyond this zone, we are averse to making any initiative to connect & if there are any overtures from the other side, we find smart ways not to connect.  Whether it’s a failing borne out of our upbringing or professional grooming or both is difficult to pinpoint.  If you try to think on these lines, this would turn out be a revelation, presuming oneself to be an extremely open person, the reality can be the exact opposite.

 The cost benefit analysis which we make on this count does not go in our favour as social investment is quite in contrary to financial investments.  Social investments automatically generate professional gains is a foregone conclusion. At the end of the end of the day, we are a part of human network & bigger the network, without any ulterior motives, you turn out to be the bigger gainer.

 With a myopic view of the human connects & lack of social skills & capabilities, we see umpteen examples of salesmen not able to connect to the customer,  corporate communications not able make any impact with huge financial spends, the sales/marketing guys looks puny et al. The consultants is on a money spinning spree.  The professional skills are actually subsumed in the overall social skills , which was never created. At the end of the day you have to deal with only human beings, generally, whatever might be your profession.  Your capability to connect decides your area of influence; the vice versa is not true.

 As an organisation, open ones,  make a steady headway. Organisational interface is at the core of business growth and excellence.  The sooner we realise the better it is, for the organisation. The mindset & the capability to communicate effectively, while being focused can yield bountiful dividends.  In these complex times who has the life saving idea nobody knows.


Sanjay Sahay

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