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While experimenting with life and experiencing the kaleidoscope of Indian existence from different vantage points, it becomes sufficiently clear that their is chasm everywhere. There are connects missing, the bridges that define the modern world. Being in the background these bridges define the modern world. Chasm means a yawning fissure or deep cleft in the earths surface; gorge. This is the geographical definition of chasm in real life, it is an eye sore of an unimaginable kind and in operational terms an in surmountable bottleneck that would come in way of every single progress or growth we intend to achieve.

While discussing Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and Regulation with the pundits of the game in a conference, I realised the desperate attempts to connect regulation. It did not happen. With serious ethical issues involved in the forward journey of Artificial Intelligence, can it happen without regulation? Imagine no law / regulation against nuclear power or biological and chemical warfare! With autonomous weapon systems and such other technologies demanding answers, we find the chasm increasing every single day. The dance of Cybersecurity is being performed professionally in front of every audience, how much does the legal fraternity understand of this.

The chasm between our professional education and the demands of the modern world has reached abysmal levels. Whether it is lack of understanding or incapability even after being in know of things, can be an issue of later discussion. Suffice to say, the gap is more glaring than the system which it is supposed to fill. With both sides well aware of the issue and its detrimental impact om the economy, nobody is ready to move an each. Selfishness and shamelessness has become the norm, otherwise why should you keep churning out products who are defined as unemployables. It seems the system exists only to pay professional salaries.

On the governance side, when the administrative mechanism should be enmeshed with life of the masses, the reality seems to be totally different. The chasm remains and that too a huge one, even after being together. The planning based on data of fullest integrity is in question itself. Translating the reality into policy and then implementing it for upliftment of the people as proposed, still seems to be a far cry. The chasm can be brought down only if the main stakeholder – citizens, are treated as the main stakeholder and sovereign. The reverse engineering of Human Development Indices will unfold its own story. The public policy schools, think tanks, government planning and implementation can be termed as Chasm Musical Chair for the masses.


Sanjay Sahay

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