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The battle in a democracy is all about people’s will. It’s seems only they don’t know about this democratic game. From political parties to the NGOs, from the biggest of the corporations to religious & spiritual gurus, nearly everyone is running the business in their name. This is one area which needs the biggest awareness campaign in human history, that it is only their will which has to be taken into account and everything has to be planned and delivered accordingly. They should be taught to be a part of this whole process, as they are the legal ombudsperson for everything, which is done for them. The eternal truth of democracy is that everything is done in their name, how much for them, can be decided squarely in the simplest of audits in this country; anywhere and for anything.

The only problem statement or the parameter of the Audit should be whether in the project being audited people’s will was full considered? If not what percentage, what all was left and for what purpose? Once this is decided and marked upon, next phase would be the real structured audit. This should have an intricate matrix of performance, physical and financial audit in the same sequence. The true factorisation of people’s will would carry 50% weightage, performance audit 25%, physical and financial audit 12.5% each. Any project not clearing the first two stages need not be audited further. Otherwise, the audit itself would become contrary to people’s will.

We love the nebulous nature of people’s will. It’s such a sweet candy. You can define the way you want. The fun is that you can have your parameters, more often than not, no parameters, it is some mental maths in the mind of the person, who is a self styled auditor of people’s mind. Just think of a situation wherein a political party takes affirmation of people’s will for the work done in the last five years. This exercise is called election. Where do you have such audit which is blank certification of everything done? That also without even one document, inspection, process, consent or official affirmation. Which constitution says that a positive vote is a consent of people’s will for all good, bad and ugly of 5 years gone by.

Every vote is hotly contested. The management of the voter is the biggest science of democracy. The voter, polling booth, social media media blitzkrieg, sentiments, emotions, everything has to be mercilessly managed. That is the real success. And the irony is, people’s will as per their definition, comes for free and is hidden. Only they can decipher this hidden pact. And it is also treated as a blank cheque of endless people’s will for the next five years. This is can termed as Citizen’s Bondage in our democracy. Declaring them a very matured electorate is a ploy which subserves all.


Sanjay Sahay

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