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While the technology part and its bountiful benefits of the Cyber Age have been driven home with elan by the companies, who have extracted the maximum benefits. While simplest of information in the corporate world has disclaimers, here it is a fun ride to ecstasy with nothing to bother about. They have been ably supported by best of media machines in the world. Silicon Valley stalwarts seem to vary of the addiction they have created & it’s negative impact. The hacks, breaches and voter manipulation would look puny in comparison to what Cyber World has unleashed.

Bob Woodward calls it as the ”largest unregulated social experiment of our time.” Internet is undoubtedly changing the human psyche however much we want to believe to the contrary. The Cyber Effect authored by Dr. Mary Aiken, world’s leading expert in Forensic Cyberpsychology, unravels it all. A discipline which is at the intersection of psychology, criminology & technology. Out future journey has to be measured.

Technology has invaded our lives like nothing else in human history, with visible changes in the social & private behaviour. It is having a disproportionate impact on our children. The criminal and anti-social behaviour is facilitated more than what mafiaso could do. How do explain the lone wolves terrorist attacks? Online radicalisation? Repulsive behaviour & at times terrifying.

The gap between the fairy tale story of the IT biggies and the reality on the ground has to understood, the debate has to be brought to the ”balanced centre”, is what Dr. Mary Aiken has set out to do. She has set out to unravel how human beings ”cognitive, behavioural, psychological, developmental, affective & motivational capabilities have been exploited or changed by the design of these products.” The casual laxity of the parents and the industry’s avoiding of responsibility for the ”perils that it facilitates & the damage that it’s products can do.”


Sanjay Sahay

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