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The growth of Artificial Intelligence, AI, is moving at a frightening pace, the final goal being Super Artificial Intelligence, beating humans in their own game. The first milestone being AI reaching human capabilities around 2018. Given this scenario, the ever legendary Elon Musk, who makes fiction happen, from Tesla to SpaceX to Hyperloop, announced the Neuralink project. It’s way beyond science fiction. As per his thought process if we can’t beat AI, join the AI bandwagon. To futuristic to even imagine.

He would be detailing broad contours of the project in the coming week. What is clear is that it aims at creating Cyborgs, the ultimate in human machine interface. He feels this is the only way beat machine subjugation, however distant it might be. He says somebody has got to it. To the brain’s layers of limbic & cortex can be added a Digital Layer. Chip in the brain is the concept with seamless interface to the machine. The beginning can be for therapeutic uses.

Neurolace is also being talked which may broadly translate to a mesh. It cannot be all over the brain. Motor cortex is one area of the brain where this concept can be used. Motor cortex controls the motor functions; that is the execution of movements. How the final frontier of interface of cognition, Intelligence & thoughts will happen nobody knows.

The detractors say digital logic on which computers work will never take over human logic. Preposterous as it may sound, with Elon Musk’s announcement, a new debate has emerged. Can an interface of this nature create a super Einstein? Some see it as a hype & also a marketing gimmick may be achieve much smaller goals. How would the ethics play out? Can human beings be used as Guinea pigs for testing? What would be the nature of surgical precision required? What if the experiments go wrong Do we have the care & research to handle it? For sure, it would be highly mis-usable & abusable. In a way, the Post Human Age.


Sanjay Sahay

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