Daily Post 1297


The detractors mode seems have become the default mode of the nation. Then there in an ongoing onslaught, a tirade so to say, the the umpteen practising disciples of this mode to change the narrative itself, to the extent of even demeaning the person and camouflage the whole issue so that people will not be able know the right facts. The detractors deliberately injected story may gain ground. Even if that does not happen one worthwhile initiative or activity is consigned to the dustbin of history.

When before starting a worthwhile task requiring humungous effort, risk taking and even funding, if you still have think what A, B and C would think, write and do, it’s the nemesis of a full bloomed individual ready to put his might for business or community or any other constructive activity. This is the cumulative might of the detractors, the strength detractors have gained all around the the place. They can even dislodge any prevalent thought at will. Sometimes, they give a feeling of agreeing to something genuine, but the actual efforts would be put to the contrary.

The hoarse electronic media for long many years has been a part of the same story getting accentuated with the times, social media adding to its might. The complete digital medium unconnected to reality and attribution, provided them a field run. The troll story is standard story of smear to complete annihilation of human dignity at times. The language used itself is way unpalatable. How it is being digested in the public domain is itself beyond comprehension. Minding their business is not their business, managing others business is their prime concern.

Some individual players, total solo, are also in the game, their motivation is very difficult to decipher. Might be sadism is the overriding feeling. Defeat is the natural destination of their efforts. They want to make an impact as done by the bigger groups and lobbies, but certainly they lack firepower, horizontal spread and intensity. Detractors have become the most critical part of the ecosystem. They have to be factored in and countered as well, for you narrative to emerge and finally succeed.


Sanjay Sahay

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