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The biggest tragedy of the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban is not just the mayhem, anarchy and a humanitarian crisis but more important is the fall of an idea. *The idea that the comity of nations can make their thought process prevail over the rogue elements of the Taliban / ISIS types.* That rogue states are there to exist and the concept of nation states goes with sovereignty and territorial integrity goes in their favor. So now these elements would also enjoy the power and status of rogue states, whatever might be the nature of state and governance they provide. *It also conveys to the world that Stone and Digital Age can coexist, to the peril of the digital age.*
If America’s entry into Afghanistan was a matter of fate, then what was its exit? *The superpower and the leader of the free world can take a call unilaterally even if it were to put the world to a different level of threat or for sure threat perception.* It puts the whole of proximate areas into a tinderbox of a different type. One is the superpower’s responsibility, which certainly gets shattered, and second that Afghanistan is a vexatious problem which cannot be sorted out and thus would not get sorted out. *Besides its own extremely volatile military and political situation, will Afghanistan always remain an theater of proxy war?*
The other idea which is experiencing its demise is that the world will come to your rescue, if you land into a situation as is the case of the Afghanistan population. *The world feels that posturing is more than enough and being a mute spectator is the ideal military and diplomatic option.* The world has learned to listen to the Taliban diktats so fast. *The world is already negotiating with them. Slowly, they might also do business with them.* The current limited agenda is to evacuate as many as possible, so that there is no backlash at home. Till the time we don’t define terrorism and terror outfits, how do define the current situation. *If we can’t intervene now, when will the world intervene. Legitimacy will automatically fall in the Taliban’s lap.*
*This also portends danger from the point of view of democracy and ways it can be established. Is there a way  to make it mature and robust and self-sustaining.* Can countries keep switching between democracy and rule of terror? If this were to happen, it would lead to the balkanization process in lots of areas. *Balkanization from the rules based international order.* Leaving a tinderbox behind would also become an acceptable option in the days to come. Democratic governments would leave undoable tasks for their successors, while the terror organizations, bask in power and glory. If twenty years were not enough to bring in a democratic transition, no time will ever be enough. *Democracy is back to its infancy, bringing it back on its feet would not be easy.*
Sanjay Sahay

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