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Where does the charm of the executive emanate from? What is the impetus of joining it, leaving behind bright professional careers lots of times? Can we go by the oft repeated cliché of public service and an urge to make a difference? The harsh reality of the Indian executive appears in the open, every single day. Executive is not new to India nor is it a special find. Compared to other world class executives where do we stand? What is the orientation and real urge to join it? How much have the stated goals been achieved, needs a full fledged research?

Public administration is the least researched and maximum impact making tool of Indian existence. If you are looking for research in this area inclusive of  psychological / mental aptitude and attitude side, the inner tenacity to make things happen against all odds, you might barely come across anything. The capability of course correction has been lost in the melee, might be we have not even thought of it. The litmus test is how much has our executive changed in face of tectonic changes,  all around in the last few decades.

Have we seen a consistent movement towards becoming a modern executive? This can only be is driven from the top with a clear cut action plan, with timelines and clear measurable deliverables. May be we have fallen in the trap of stagnant organizations, which can be differently differently as a permanent plateau. What then is a modern executive? Expertise in tune with requirements is the first criteria. Organizational goals clear, defined and made public. The political executive and the permanent executive be in sync with each other. Delivery as per constitutional, legal, planned economic and social goals and parameters. Technology / data / creativity and innovation should reflect in every area of execution and delivery.

The Indian executive on the contrary believes and acts as if it’s  the lord of whatever it surveys. Some generic competencies with a heady mix of both authority and power can get the best out of governance, is what they believe in. Accountability is the not the name of the game. You decide what you want to work on or what you  wouldn’t like to work on. The political executive reserves the right of changing or stalling or completely redoing the agenda of the nation. A national blueprint of planning and delivery should not be even thought about.  All work should happen only on the maintenance mode, as if five year is the final time span. A camouflaged feudal executive.

Sanjay Sahay

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