Daily Post 1331


COVID-19 has created a new breed of Gyani’s who are there on webinars churning out wisdom for the world still in captivity, few relaxations notwithstanding. Besides the ever engaging content of the WhatsApp University, anything which comes to the be close second are the eFlyers proclaiming webinars, bringing in intellectuals, thinkers and practitioners, unheard so far. It’s a crazy world, where there are no exceptions. It had to be become a fad and naturally now everyone is on that bandwagon. While there is nothing to be delivered, the only thing it does is an intellectual massage to the person who delivers in the webinar.

That we have compromised nearly totally both at the content and research level is a given and also a very conspicuous lack of the gift of the gab. With these handicaps which are sufficient enough to ground any professional public speaker, they are still up and flying in the COVID-19 days, when wheat is being sorted out of the chaff. Life had been a timepass then and life is a timepass now. That is the only trade they are in. Create the drama of intellect and make a living out of it. With the audience of the nature we have, it is same as biometric attendance story, that being in office should suffice, the output cannot be generated out of attendance, anyway.

Denigration of every single platform which the technologists have provided in the last few decades has been our pastime and the last in this series are webinars. The cut-copy-paste culture emanated out on a supposedly intellectual urge, an information repository, called the internet. This has been our fate. With the wherewithal of domain and high end content missing, what great results can be achieved from the unfolding webinar revolution. Sometimes one is forced to believe that this whole exercise was born out of forced captivity which is still nursing the aspiration to be noticed as an event management type seminar.

As times passes by, the non-serious drama masters would have to give way to the serious players. At present this is just an attention game. Once we cross this stage as couple of serious speakers have, it would be a paid program all the way. The difference between the real ones and that also rans would be the level of monetisation of a speaker. When the physical world comes to life and if they still conduct webinars and charge a hefty sum would prove their mettle. No doubt this is great medium, without any frills, reaching out to you, where ever you are are, is there to stay. It would not die down with COVID-19. Fortunately, only the best would survive.


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